Love Route Scene Guide

An example on how scene requirements work in Love Route Scene Guide:

  • Affection = 8
    • This would mean affection needs to be at least 8 or higher, it does not need to be exactly 8.
  • Respect lower than 12
    • This would mean respect absolutely must be lower than 12. It cannot be above 11 or you won’t see the scene and will skip to the next scene tier.

Katara’s House – Initial Night Visits:

1st Any+1 Affection
2ndAffection = 2  
3rd ‘Romance her’+1 Affection
  ‘How much control..’ 
4th Any+1 Affection
  ‘Put hand on leg’ 

Katara Night Scenes:

Call me…Respect = 12
Kiss (1/2)Affection = 6
Kiss (2/2) 
Handjob (1/3)*Affection = 8
Handjob (2/3)Respect lower than 12
Handjob (3/3)Respect = 12
Masturbate (1/3)*Affection = 9
Masturbate (2/3)Respect lower than 13
Masturbate (3/3)Respect = 14
Footjob (1/3)Affection = 11
Footjob (2/3)Respect lower than 15
Footjob (3/3)Respect = 15
Blowjob (1/3)*Affection = 12
Blowjob (2/3)Respect lower than 16
Blowjob (3/3)Respect = 16
Sex (1/4)*Affection = 15
Sex (2/4)Respect lower than 16
Sex (3/4)Respect = 16
Sex (4/4)Anal (1/3)
Anal (1/3)Affection = 17
Anal (2/3)Respect lower than 17
Anal (3/3)Respect = 17

* When trying to do these scenes Katara will hug you and then send you home asking you to come back another time. This always happens and doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. The next time you visit Katara’s house at night the scene will play automatically.

Public walks:

See-through top13
Rope bra16
Fire nation hair8
Cum on tits18
Pink panties13
Ball gag10
Cum on face21

Mystery girl blowjob:

  • When checking mail or sleeping at night there is a 20% chance of getting this scene
  • After you’ve seen the scene once, everytime she visits after that you will be asked to either let her keep visiting or have her never visit you again
  • Nothing special happens for either choice. If you want to keep rewatching the scene at night tell her to keep visiting. If you don’t want to keep seeing the scene tell her to leave forever.

Lesbians with strap-on:

  • When visiting the marketplace alley at night there is a 40% chance of getting this scene
  • After viewing the scene once it will change slightly (your character has some different dialog)

Shopkeeper (Nami) blowjob:

  • Complete sidequest: Expanding the shop
  • Asking Nami for a blowjob in the shop menu will replay the scene

Teacher (Una) anal:

  • Complete quest: Expanding the schoolhouse
  • Visit the school during the day
  • Visiting the school again and going to the teachers’ lounge will replay the scene

School orgy night:

  • Complete quest: Expanding the schoolhouse
  • Visit the school at night

Katara’s ghost mom (Kya) blowjob:

  • Once you do the first blowjob scene with Katara you will get the scene the next night
  • Selecting Kya Blowjob from the home menu at night will replay the scene

Porn magazine:

  • Complete sidequest: Sokka’s treasure
  • When checking mail you can choose to look at Batgirl, Ariel, or Spidergirl

Ending #3:

  • Method 1:
    • Respect = 21 and Public walks = 15
    • Inside
  • Method 2:
    • Respect = 21 and Public walks = 15
    • Outside
    • I love you.

Ending #4:

  • Method 1:
    • Respect is below 21 or Public walks is below 15
  • Method 2:
    • Respect = 21 and Public walks = 15
    • Outside
    • Nevermind.

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