Four Elements Trainer: Book 1

Game Mechanics

Here are my notes on all the mechanics of the Book 1, sorted by location. If you’re like me then you probably had a lot of questions about the game like if the mystery night girl visits have any purpose, if there was anything special or hidden at the marketplace alley besides the one scene, what the drop rates of the stones from the mine were, and so on. Well the answers to those questions and many others are below! 

Day Locations

Marketplace – Shop

  • If you need to go to the shop to buy something then use the shop at night. Going to the shop during the day will cause the game to skip the time to night once you exit the shop. However exiting the shop at night does not cause the game to skip the time to day.
  • Once you complete the sidequest Expanding the shop you will automatically earn 20-40 coins at the start of they day. It’s a good idea to start working on this quest as soon as the game starts so you can start getting free money as soon as possible, meaning you won’t have to grind for money.
  • Donating 50 coins to the shop has no purpose.

Marketplace – Elder Council

  • Endorsing Katara gives +1 Respect
  • Visiting Katara’s house for the first time during the day unlocks the option to visit the elder council


  • Training gives +2 Waterbending
  • Your waterbending level has no effect on the difficulty of hunting. However your attack damage will slightly increase at each of these events:
    • Complete the quest Suit up
    • Waterbending = 21
    • Waterbending = 27
    • Complete the quest Spirit bomb -> Training


  • Hunting gives +1 Affection. If Katara is angry it will also lower her anger level by 1.
  • There is nothing in the game that requires more than 17/30 Affection, so leveling it beyond 17 isn’t useful.
  • Pressing Tab enables skip mode which is extremely helpful for speeding up hunting.
  • You will need 2 potions per hunting trip, but if the RNG gods are very displeased, you might need 3.
  • How to hunt 101:
    1. If you are under 20% HP -> Healing potion
    2. If the mooselion moved its head last turn and didn’t attack -> Defend
    3. If you don’t need to heal or defend -> Attack


  • You only need to visit the mountain when the story tells you. It doesn’t have any other purpose.


  • The school is a place you go for some quests and scenes


  • You can go to the mine to mine stones for money and do a couple of sidequests.
  • If you want to abuse the rollback feature of Ren’Py to change stone rarity, the point where the RNG for stone rarity is activated is after you say ‘Yes’ to ‘Should I mine?’
  • On average you get 50 coins per trip to the mine. Technically 50.45 coins.
  • Here are the drop rates and value for all the stones:
    • Common brown stone  –  43% chance  –  25 coins
    • Shiny blue stone  –  36% chance  –  50 coins
    • Rare red stone  –  14% chance  –  80 coins
    • Super rare white stone  –  7% chance  –  150 coins

Night Locations


  • Checking mail will skip to the next day and give you 20-40 coins. There are 11 different letters you can get, but you don’t gain anything by having seen them all. After you read the 11th letter you will get the same letter everytime.
  • Sleeping will skip to the next day but has no other purpose. You should check your mail instead because that will give you coins.
  • Everytime you check your mail or choose sleep, there is a 20% chance of getting the mystery girl blowjob scene. After you’ve seen the scene once, everytime she visits after that you will be asked to either let her keep visiting or have her never visit you again. The mystery girl has no purpose other than being a scene to watch. There is no secret related to her and nothing special happens if you tell her to go away forever or to keep coming back. If you want to keep rewatching the scene at night tell her to keep visiting. If you don’t want to keep seeing the scene tell her to leave forever.

Marketplace – Visit alley

  • Visiting the alley gives you a 40% chance of seeing the lesbians with strap-on scene. The alley has no other purpose or any secrets.

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